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The Internet's popularity among kids and teens has an increasing number of parents worrying about the kinds of sites their children visit and the sort of characters they meet in chat rooms. This tiny device will give you piece of mind and a sense of well being. KeyKatch is just over two inches long with a male PS/2 connector on one end and a female version on the other. It looks like an adapter and it fits between your keyboard cable and the computer. Yet, it automatically records up to 65,000 keystrokes a user types into their keyboard! With KeyKatch, you can track all the stuff various people type on your PC; e.g., e-mail messages, website addresses, text documents, whatever is typed into the keyboard! Installation is easy. Unplug your keyboard, plug its male connector into one end of the KeyKatch and then plug the KeyKatch into your PC's keyboard port. To access the device's memory, open a text editor, type in your password and its menu appears. The View Memory option shows every keystroke since you installed the device. You can also run keyword searches and website address searches. If you've got children this is worth its weight in gold.

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