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Laser Grips

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Whether you own a handgun for self-defense, law enforcement, or recreation, a well-designed laser sight will dramatically speed target acquisition and improve your accuracy... especially under the toughest conditions.

- Instinctive Activation
Just grip your gun naturally and the laser comes on. No on/off switch to find. No extra button to push. No fumbling when seconds count.

- Lightening Fast Target acquisition
You'll shoot faster and more precisely than you ever thought possible with a handgun. Lasergrips clear, bright, long-lasting laser beam puts you on target at the speed of light.

- Repeatable Pinpoint Accuracy
Tack-driving accuracy time after time. The laser adjusts easily and holds point of aim through thousands of rounds of fire.

- Enhanced Field of Vision
Now you can confidently focus on the target instead of the gun-our natural reaction whenever we're under pressure.

- A Proven Powerful Deterrent
The powerful presence of Lasergrips in self defense and law enforcement encounters has frequently de-escalated the threat and eliminated the need to shoot.

At Crimson Trace, we believe you should always be able to sight and shoot a handgun without a laser. This new technology was never meant to replace your fixed sights, but to supplement them in difficult situations-like firing on the move or from awkward positions, defending yourself in close quarters, aiming in low light where iron sights are difficult to see, and any time that you're under stress. Under these kinds of conditions, our natural and automatic reaction is to focus on the threat, not the gun-sights.

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