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The importance of being able to shoot with precision has increased significantly because of the new type of enemy we face. Terrorists, by their very nature, are most likely to strike when and where there is a gathering of innocent bystanders. Today's law enforcement professionals need to be able to draw and shoot with headshot accuracy to be effective and safe. The Head Shot Targets are life-sized, full-color images of human faces designed to help the professional refine his/her accuracy skills. Each taget is matched with the Kill Shot Overlay to demonstrate accuracy and to allow the operator to see and document improvement.
Get unlimited targets and the video; Head Shot: How and Why when you get the Head Shot Target Training System. The video shows you why head shots are important, you'll learn the anatomy of the human brain discussing kill zones and how to analyze the head from straight on and profiles. Then, you'll see how to shoot to be able to make consistent head shots from realistic self-defense distances. We'll discuss drawing from concealment and shooting with gun in-hand. And, you'll learn how to use the targets for maximum improvement. The targets are on the enclosed CD. You can print them out any time you like along with the Kill Shot Overlays. The video is on DVD and runs 20 minutes.
Visit www.headshottargets.com for more info.

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