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Gun Butter Value Set

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1 Gunbutter 2/3 fl oz.
1 Gun Butter's Trigger and Locking Lug Grease 15 cc
1 Gun Butter Pen Oiler 1/4 fl oz.

Gun Butter is an exotic blend of the finest lubricants available today. Specifically designed for:

1. Break-in protection and durability.

2. Clingability (film strength) to maintain its placement.

3. And enhanced lubricity to allow superior performance in all weather extremes;

A) Heat — will not burn up in a jet engine.
B) Cold — unabated in freezing conditions
C) Wet — stays intact during pouring rain
D) Dry — repels dust and airborne sand

4. Consistency in all weather extremes

Use sparingly

Note: We do not recommend use on slides surfaces, as the performance of Gun Butter alone is optimal.

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