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This new release by Lenny Magill is a look inside his personal workout system. Magill shows you firsthand how he trains and works out for maximum muscularity and strength. And, you'll see how he has developed devastating, powerful punches and kicks able to take a man out of a fight instantly. The Self-Defense Fitness System is based on simple, straight forward techniques that are easy to learn and easy to use. This is not an ancient, oriental martial art! It's modern streetfighting at it's best combined with a workout and lifestyle that is guaranteed to put you in the best shape of your life. The workout is designed to increase the strength and power of the muscles that are specifically used for punching, kicking and kneeing an opponent. The lifestyle includes eating techniques for muscular growth and fat loss, mini exercises you can do while driving, standing in line, walking to your car, even brushing your teeth! Plus, you'll learn eating and exercise tips for maintaining and spurring natural testosterone production.
Magill is recognized as a world class self-defense instructor with special expertise on handheld firearms and hand to hand confrontations. His video programs are used by the FBI, CIA, DEA, DOE, Special Forces and thousands of law enforcement organizations worldwide. "I guarantee you'll be tougher, stronger and have a better understanding how your body grows muscle! My program covers it all…from how to throw a punch to how to take a man down in seconds. You won't be disappointed. " - Lenny Magill
This 4-Video Set covers everything you need to know to start being in better shape, better health and able to kick butt anytime you need to. Over 5 hours of high quality digital video designed to improve the quality of your life in every way. If you want to be stronger, better looking, more confident, more powerful, sexier, more muscular and able to fight…then order this important, new series today.

This program demonstrates fighting basics and fundamentals that are incorporated into a 30 minute workout that will increase your muscularity, the power in your punches and kicks, the speed at which you can throw them and improve your overall health and fitness. You'll learn how to form a fist, how to throw a punch, land a kick, use your knees and elbows as deadly weapons, 3 guaranteed knockout punches, and simple, easy to use techniques that will take a man down and out of the fight!

This program takes you beyond basic fighting techniques to advanced combinations that can be used in real street fighting situation. These combinations are demonstrated and practiced several times in both real time and slow-motion. These techniques are based on the human autonomic response theory that predicts how a body will respond when subjected to various offensive strikes. This response gives you time to perform follow up techniques that are designed to stop and drop an opponent!

Power Stretching guides you on a 20 minute routine you can perform on your living room floor in front of your TV. Power Calistentics is a hot workout that is designed to increase the size and strength of the muscles that help throw a powerful punch and an awesome kick! The Power Warm-up is a routine I do before I workout on the heavybag. It increases the core body temperature which helps warm up all the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The lifestyle program incorporates eating techniques designed to enhanced muscular growth and fat loss. Plus, you'll learn exercises and foods that enhance you body's production of natural testosterone! This program is basically a look inside my daily life. I'll show you mini exercises I do when i'm in my car and standing in lines, how and why I keep myself hydrated, How I can eat up to 5 times a day and not gain fat, and simple exercises you can do all day long.

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