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Horizontal Magazine Holster

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This is the answer, but first let me describe the problem. You want to carry a Leatherman, a folding knife, even a spare handgun magazine with you at all times. It can't be in your pocket because it's in the way. The clip knives are great but the clip wears at your pants and is unsightly, if not plain ugly. And speaking of ugly, the Leatherman case that comes with the Leatherman is the worst. Not to mention, that they also get in your way when sitting and bending over. So, what is the answer? The Horizontal Concealment Sheath. It was first developed to carry and conceal spare handgun magazines. But then, being ingenious, we developed a sheath for the Leatherman and for most pocket knives. It's perfect for Spyderco, Benchmade and other folding knives. Plus, great for magazines!

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