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What to do with the strap
John D S - Wicjita, Kansas (my profile)
It is a nice shirt and I will use it sometimes, when you say compression you mean it. I thought it was to small when I got it out. I agree with other posts that is a long reach, and me with short arms. One main problem is the straps on the holsters they would be great if they came out in the middle and snaped in the middle like the photos but thay are attached behind the holster and snaped behind the holster so they are useless; they might be ok with a 1911 with a big beaver tail but it just slips off my sig 938. and if I put my 1911 the beavertail would be digging into my armpit. I will keep it but I may move the strap forward.
A great carry option
Dennis V - Wildwood, Missouri (my profile)
I really like the option to use this with summer shirts tucked in. I have tried it with my G30SF (.45) and Walther PPS (9mm). The Walther completely disappears and is super comfortable--not even aware of it. I am a little self conscious with the G30 and can see a small bulge in front because I know where to look. I wear L to XL t-shirts and use the Large concealment shirt because I like it snug to eliminate any movement of the pistol. Also, with larger pistols, a smaller size may help with the sagging. One complaint is that you need to be careful if you want to carry an extra magazine because they tend to fall out if you bent over. People are right to note it is not a quick draw but I am OK with that if the option is to leave my pistol at home or in the car. PS: I like the belly band when I go jogging.
Concealment Shirt
Cocealed-carry Gary - Near There, Georgia (my profile)
Great product! I carry large handguns, SA XD45, Colt 1911, S&W 39.. The shirt works great with all 3.. In fact, can carry the XD with just a loose-fitting T-shirt.. sitting is no problem, (try that with a full-sized auto with a inside the pants holster). I think the shirt-pocket placement is perfect, if you moved it further forward then you would be able to see the gun-bulge under your shirt... Granted, your'e not gonna win any quick-draw competitions, but being able to produce a high-capacity hand-cannon from under a T-shirt outweighs the disadvantages... One thing, do not upsize your shirt size, it should fit tight to work right...
wastwe of my money
james T - melbourne, Florida (my profile)
this shirt is loose fitting. I have a 44" chect and an extra large fits fineuntil you put a revolver or pistol in, then the shirt sags from the weight. Could not fit my 45 Ruger with a 4" barrel into it without the pocket dropping half way down my body. With a S&W 9mm 4" barrel, it was still way too heavy for this shirt. You could, maybe carry a small 22 but this shirt is just too light and flimsy. Also the grips on my S&W rub my arm and since the edge of this gun is "not" smooth, wearing for a few minutes made me realize that even if it did not sag, my arm would be ribbed raw. Look at the picture and you can see for yourself. Don't know where these other guys are coming from who give it 5 stars but I certainly can't use this and it would be extremely difficult to pull my pistol out with the placement of the gun(too far back and vertical)and the velcro.
Great Product
Hawkeye - New Britain, Connecticut (my profile)
I received my compression concealment T-Shirt V-Neck style yesterday and immediately put it on. WOW! I said to myself...How is this tiny thing going to fit me? Well, I put it on and it does exactly what it said it would do. I put in my S&W 4003 40 cal. side arm under my left arm and then put a T-shirt over it. No print whatsoever!!! I decided to take a small nap on my couch and fell asleep almost immediately without waking up by any cause of carrying my mid size fire arm. I highly recommend this shirt for comfort and concealment. The only other comment I have to Magill's is to please add care instructions in your package. This was quickly remedied however by Magill's great Customer Service. I will be purchasing more shirts in the future.
Good - But Could be Much Better
Bob J - Miami, Florida (my profile)
This is a good idea that has been imperfectly implemented. I agree with the earlier reviewer(s) that the holster position is too far to the rear. I also think the holster should be horizontal, and present the weapon butt first. This is an ambidexterous shirt, and I don't like the feel of the empty pocket/holster on the opposite side. I would prefer to see it offered in right & left hand versions with nothing on the other side. Order a larger size than normal; these run very small and are also short - a longer tail would be appreciated to keep the shirt tucked in. I can't wait to see an improved version.
needs adjustments
A. P - Asheville, North Carolina (my profile)
I agree with the prior reviewer. The gun pocket is slightly too far out of reach, almost behind the arm. It needs to come below the armpit for comfortable reach. Also, my S&W Airweight Snubbie slips deeper into the pocket - I suspect the pocket compartment should be a stronger elastic. Third of all, more care needs to be taken in stitching the pocket edges smoothly to the t-shirt itself. There shouldn't be any lines or "odd dimples" showing when wearing a t-shirt over it, especially for those of us women. The intent is concealment, not to draw attention to the chest area. Overall, considering how pricey it is, I'd give it a three. If the kinks get worked out, and it's re-designed a bit, it could earn a five.
Great Concept needing minor adjustments
Kevin C - Falcon, Colorado (my profile)
This product works well and is well constructed. I used it Sunday at church and my own family didn't know I had it on. The comfort of the shirt would be improved by moving the gun pocket slightly forward to position the gun directly under the arm. Also, the addition of a Velcro strap would allow for maximum adjustment and security of the weapon. Relocating the gun position would require that the shirt be manufactured in a left and right hand version. Send me an email Mr. Magill; let's talk about what could be the next evolution of the best concealment product on the market.
Concealment T-Shirt
Clare C - Toledo, Ohio (my profile)
I purchased the black, crew t-shirt for my 9mm SW. I love the t-shirt as I do not like wearing a dress shirt not tucked in. Remember when buying they hug you very close. I wear a large regular t-shirt. Thank God I purchased the XLg. This shirt will do just what it's suppose to do, conceal my gun. Thank you.
henry o - gotham city, Ohio (my profile)
I like the t-shirt. It's very snug fitting and holds the small pistol(380) securely. I will say that it is a long reach cross-draw to access it, but it is still a good compromise considering a holster on the hip.
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