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SERPA Lock Holster

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Added a fuzzy button
Michael B - Seattle, Washington (my profile)
I added a rectangle of sticky-backed thin felt onto the SERPA release button. I found this to take away any uncertainty as to whether my index finger was in the right place. A little push on the fuzzy button opens the catch for a smooth no-grab draw. An excellent hoster that does not rub the gun surface. The adjustable angle is nice, I liked straight vertical.
Carbon Fiber Holster Terrific!
Dep. Marshal Dr. Craig M - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
I have been using one of these holsters when in plain clothes (I use a level-III retention holster on my full duty belt.) or in my raid gear with my Glock 19, and it's outstanding! I got the plain finish instead of the trendy "fiber" look, and I couldn't be happier. Not only does it give you a choice between using the size-able slot or the removeable paddle, but it also lets you pick your favorite cant angle. Sidearm presentation is simple, logical and safe: Simply pushing onto the ergonomically located release button not only unlocks the grip on the pistol, but also automatically positions the user's index finger in a safe, out-of-trigger guard position. Reholstering is a one-handed, no-look breeze with an audible and tactile "Click!" that says the gun is back home safely. The holster is compatible with the laser sight that uses Glock's take-down protrusions as the on/off switch; and an extra bonus is that extra-firm pressure on the lock release will also turn on the laser sight as the firearm is presented! Talk about beneficial unintended consequences. The holster is totally sweat-proof, indestructible in anything remotely resembling "normal" use, is subdued in appearance, is thin and fits close to the body, and I'm now ordering my second so I can keep one on my raid gear belt instead of moving it from that location to whatever else I might be wearing. And the belt slots are wide enough to handle Galco's widest, thickest leather belt, another bonus that most holsters fail to match. Get one! Or get two, like I am. For what it's worth, I'm a deputy Marshal in Texas, a personal protection officer, a deputy chief with a private security agency, a former IPSC competitor, I was the Top Gun in my academy's shoot-off, and I'm a retired dental surgeon. In other words, I'm fairly experienced with gun stuff, and I'm picky as all get-out.
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