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Classic Lapel Concealment Vest

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TN Sheriff 21 - Smithville, Tennessee (my profile)
Very good, very comfortable concealment vest. Looks good and wears well. Inside concealment pockets are strong non-rip nylon-type material and will hold full size semi-autos. I suggest that you counter the weight of your weapon by placing extra clips, asp, brass knuckles, and knife - anything in the opposite pocket. Did I really say brass knucks? Naw, just a slip I didn't really mean that. But it does help to counter the weight in other concealment pocket. Inside has lower zipper pocket which is perfect for a cell phone, extra battery, small clip, and wallet or other like size item. Has upper inside chest pocket which I carry a small notepad in. Great with jeans and a button up shirt. It doesn't make you look like a cop. It's also a great alternative to carrying a holster Im getting a little age on me and a holster hurts my back after 10-12 hours. I highly recommend this vest.
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