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The Original Belly Band

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It does wear out
Charlotte - Davenport, Iowa (my profile)
I bought my belly band in 2011 and it does wear out. The stitching on the gun pocket has started coming undone and the edge of the elastic is starting to fray. That being said, I am in the process of purchasing another one to replace it. Because I am, unfortunately, a large woman and do not have the hourglass figure that the world seems to praise so much, I cannot wear clothing with belts or non-stretchy waist bands, something necessary for most standard holsters. If I do, it cuts off my breathing when I try to bend over and pick anything up. Therefore the belly band is really my best option because it stretches when I bend over. Also, because of the non-standard shape of my body, the belly band doesn't stay lying flat against my torso and it wrinkles up. I have to find something stiff to insert in the extra pockets around the band to keep it from folding up. But you will be receiving my order for a new one today.
Worth Every Penny
John R - Lincoln, Nebraska (my profile)
I've carried both my Springfield micro mini GI .45 and my full sized Walther P99QA with a (underarmor) polo shirt tucked in and you cannot tell. There is a vague print when I sit down and that's it. Love this product. I'm ordering another one in white ASAP.
Just ordered a second belly band
Alan W - Marietta, Georgia (my profile)
I purchased a white belly band a few months ago and it's pretty much become my everyday carry holster because it's so versatile and makes concealing my Glock 26 a cinch. One thing that is especially nice about the belly band is that I can quickly make adjustments to how high up or low to wear it - even below the waistband when I need deep concealment. I can even wear dress clothes with my shirt tucked in and it easily conceals my firearm and at the same time makes it quite accessible to me quickly. I just ordered a black belly band a few days ago and plan to alternate wearing it with my white one depending on my attire.
Exactly as advertised
Karen D - Bradenton, Florida (my profile)
I, also, am a smaller woman (5 ft - 100 lbs) and had worried about a holster on my body. Because of my size and dress I use a 'fanny pack' for carry out of the house but I wanted to have my weapon handy during the stay-at-home day. I read about the Belly Band in an article written by a woman in a Concealed Carry magazine. I received it Monday of this week and am amazed at how utilitarian and comfortable it is. I recommend it to any woman who is looking for concealed carry. I may make it my universal carry. I'll have to see how it works with my dressier apparel. Thanks for a product that truly is what you advertise.
Original belly band.
Robert H - Midwest City, Oklahoma (my profile)
I bought one of these many years ago, when I lived in California. After moving to Oklahoma in 2002, I got my CWL fast. I tried this back then and did not like it that much, instead using a rather pricey Mitch Rosen holster. I recently began using the Belly Band to try and wear my Kimber CDP II low enough to go shirtless, as I prefer this when out flying my BIG stunt kites, or doing yard work(humidity, you know?). After giving this a second chance, I put the M.R. holster in a drawer. This thing is great, allows you to carry a big gun, down low, below belt line, in shorts or pants, shirtless. Also the gun is undetectable wearing a tucked in tight fitting shirt, even with the gun worn higher and slightly above the belt. The M.R. holster due to its thick leather and steel reinforcement, makes a noticable bulge at my 4 oclock. Now to see just how long the belly bsnd will last and retains its usefulness.
robert w - kenton, Ohio (my profile)
I bought this for ďanother optionĒ in carrying my SA-XD9 Sub-Comp. And it quickly became my favorite carry holster. It gives you more options on position of carry and added pockets for extras like stated in other reviews. And itís very comfortable!!! Plus!! Itís great for the not so often addressed issue of having to go to the bathroom while carrying. It lets you loosen your pants or put them down without having to adjust the firearm, it stays right where you normally carry it, so you donít have to worry about it falling out on the floor, or accidentally forgetting it in the stall!!! I would recommend this to everybody who has a CCW, or carries a backup gun.
Very useful for petite female CCW holders
Faith Ferkel - Fremont, Ohio (my profile)
This is the only holster I own. I have tried some others and promptly re-sold them to someone else. This one is comfortable and concealable (I'm 5'2", 120). It might not be comfortable for a larger person. I have friends look for it and they cannot see where I'm carrying my .45 Taurus Millennium Pro. Not only do I really like the holster, the customer service I received with my purchase was great.
K S - Drake, Colorado (my profile)
This is a GREAT PRODUCT!!! COMPLETELY CONCEALS MY GUN even when I had a tight small shirt on. Very durable to hole even when I was playing baseball and football. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks
The Original Belly Band
Enel L - Beaufort, South Carolina (my profile)
I own a Glock 23, Walther P99 QA, and Springfield XD9(sub)and this holster holds securely and very comfortably all my weapons. It even have a spot for an extra mag and a pouch to carry your wallet, CCW card, and a revolver. I carry my holster on a 10 hour drive with no discomfort. I have a few pistols to choose from so instead of buying one holster for every pistol I just need one. If you live in the south where it is hot this holster is perfect. Most other holsters you need a jacket or coat to completely conceal your weapon with this holster a regular t-shirt or polo shirt is fine tuck or untucked. I'm a slim built guy and this holster conceals my weapons on me just fine, whether it be in shorts or well dressed. If your left handed or right handed it still works fine. Now my wife wants one. It's the bomb get it!
The original belly band
Dave G - Surprise, Arizona (my profile)
I bought one of these and couldnt be happier with it. It holds my Glocks,and RugerP95 just as easily and securely as my .380s I find it the most comfortable concealed holster I have worn to date. Regardless of where I go, it works well for me.I feel it is safer than the inside the pants holsters I have tried for years, and is way more comfortable too.
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